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Whether you want to find a fun activity as a pastime or look bikini fabulous in just a short time, kickboxing classes in Chesterfield County can help you do that and at a far more inexpensive price than you’d expect. Kickboxing is for both sexes, but many women find they get more out of the sessions when it’s an all female gym. You’ll tone your muscles, while shedding weight in this unique fitness program, but won’t build huge bulky muscles in the process.

Kickboxing is a perfect form of exercise for people who want some socialization with their workout.

While your focus will be on learning the moves and anticipating your opponent’s response, you’ll be working with a training partner who is also dedicated to learning the sport and have individual interactions with them. That’s quite different from most workout programs where you’re thrown into a group or go from machine to machine. Most people find they enjoy the one-to-one they get from this sport. Some even say their group becomes as close as family after a while.

You’ll get fit faster and shed pounds quicker than you would with most workouts.

Kickboxing burns loads of calories in a shorter time frame than other forms of exercise do. It does even more, burning fat even after you’re finished, for up to 24 hours, known as after burn. It’s such an efficient workout that you won’t spend as much time in the gym. In fact, 45 minutes is all you need for a complete high intensity workout. Anyone with a busy calendar can appreciate saving time.

You’ll stay focused and won’t believe how fast the time passes when you’re kickboxing.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been at one or more fitness classes where you make sure you wear a watch, just to see how much longer you have to workout or you’ve skipped a few machines at the gym because, frankly you’re tired of the same old thing. Kickboxing isn’t like that. You’re not only physically engaged, you’re mentally engaged too. You not only have to anticipate your opponents moves, you have to decide what you’ll do in response and make that decision very quickly. You can see how it helps your mental powers and also how it keeps you engaged mentally in the workout.

You’ll burn off stress quickly when you practice kickboxing. While the exercising alone will burn off the hormone created by stress, the punching and kicking combined with a little mental imagery can help relieve some frustration, too.

You’ll see your energy levels soar after just a few weeks of classes. Of course, you’ll be tired immediately following the workout when you first start.

Kickboxing helps you feel empowered, strong and even sexier. That’s thanks to the improved appearance and confidence it promotes.

You’ll learn a method of self-defense in the process of shedding weight and becoming fitter.

    KimBefore-AfterA few months ago I set out to transform myself into a happier, healthier, stronger, smaller woman and I have catapulted myself toward my end goal by doing this 6 week challenge.  I had already been working out at Aim4Fitness for 3 months before the start of this group transformation.  I had lost a little weight and was starting to see a change in my body but other than increasing my daily water/fruit/veggie intake and decreasing the amount of alcohol/sweet treats I consumed, I had not dramatically changed my eating habits.  Following Kathy’s meal plan is what made the difference.  Being able to successfully complete 3 days of detox right out of the gate was a huge accomplishment and had me believing I could easily conquer the entire 6 weeks and lose the weight.  The best part of the meal plan was that it consisted of all normal foods prepared in a much healthier way.  No fancy ingredients, no special order items and no “diet” foods….just a lot of fruits, veggies, lean meats and healthy snacks all in reasonable proportions.  I have never eaten a huge variety of fruits and veggies and have always been a fan of convenience foods (fast, pre-packaged and easy to eat on the go), but I kept an open mind and tried a ton of new foods and various ways to prepare them.  I have actually started to enjoy cooking!!  Having every meal and snack planned out each week along with a detailed grocery list guaranteed my success.  The recipes provided by Kathy were delicious and easy to follow!  Having a private FB group to post pictures, share struggles, celebrate successes and exchange recipes, questions and tips was amazing!!!  The workouts were another key component to the transformation.  The way you work your body at Aim4Fitness will cause you to lose inches and tone from head to toe.   It’s such a good feeling to no longer crave chocolate, cereal and sodas… fit in those smaller clothes that have been collecting dust in my attic AND to see my complexion go from extremely oily to a barely there healthy glow.  I have transformed my attitude about food, gotten into a nice routine of working out 3-4 times a week and honestly feel that I am prepared to continue making healthy choices for myself and my family.

    For anyone who may want to do this challenge in the future, I simply say that you CAN do it.  The support you will receive from Kathy and everyone in the group will get you through.  Don’t focus on what you may be giving up (it’s probably horrible for you anyway), instead focus on how you will look and feel at the end.  Keep a positive attitude and there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.


    StephanieBefore-AfterI was very apprehensive about this program because i had tried everything to lose weight and failed. That apprehension disappeared as soon as i did the first class. I actually enjoyed the punching and kicking! Great stress relief. The menu was very easy to follow and i actually felt like i was eating all the time. Kathy has been involved with us and keeps us accountable. Kathy knows all our names and truly cares about our progress. The inches are melting away each week and the number on the scale continues to go down. I feel absolutely wonderful and cant wait to continue towards my goal of the new sexy me!!! Thank you kathy for all you have done


    SandraBefore-AfterI have learned that I am stronger than I thought, but not as strong as I am going to be!
    Give me a testimonial about your experience with this challenge & Aim 4Fitness.
    Prior to this challenge, I was tired all the time. Now, I am so energized after a workout! I have been able to reduce the amount of blood pressure medication AND medication for Type 2 Diabetes. My doctor was ecstatic, but not nearly as happy as I have been. This challenge has helped me make a good start to getting my life back on track!
    What advice would you give a future challenger should they be looking to get into shape & change the way they look & feel?
    As the slogan for Nike goes “Just Do it”! Do not be self-conscious about being the older person or heaviest in the class, or worry that you cannot do everything (like sit ups, push ups and planks) the first class; do what you can. The results will come with consistentency: 3 classes a week and following the meal plans that Kathy provides. You matter and so does your health! You deserve this to enrich your life!


    Testimonial Picture of Beth (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Beth (2)

    Fantastic experience! I was a little unsure at first but from the minute you walk through the door everyone welcomes you. This was the perfect start to my New Year! Looking forward to a lot more awesome work outs.

    Testimonial Picture of Jennifer (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Jennifer (2)

    I have been doing the 28 day Vegas challenge and I can’t say enough about the support I have had from the women at this gym. From the workouts to the accountability groups it has truly been what I need to get my health back on track. If you aren’t going to this gym, you are missing out!

    Testimonial Picture of Joanna C (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Joanna C (2)

    This place is fantastic! It was exactly what I needed to get my butt in gear and make my health a priorty. Its not scary at all. They ladies are very helpful and always encouraging. You won’t regret giving them a try!

    Joanna C
    Testimonial Picture of Joanna T (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Joanna T (2)

    I love this place!! Kathy and the entire staff at Aim 4 Fitness really know how to motivate and encourage you. As a very self-conscious person, I feel very comfortable working out here and actually look forward to coming. Please check this place out! I promise you won’t be sorry. It’s addicting!

    Joanna T
    Testimonial Picture of Kerstin (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Kerstin (2)

    For weight loss and great camaraderie you can not beat this place. I started October 17th 2016  I’ve lost roughly 23 pounds….Best place to workout in Midlothian!

    Testimonial Picture of Laura (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Laura (2)

    I love the atmosphere at Aim4fitness! The small group classes with only females is great. The staff is very supportive and makes sure you have good form while exercising. It’s actually fun so time flies while getting your work out done! Highly recommend kickboxing at Aim4fitness.

    Testimonial Picture of Shermeka (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Shermeka (2)

    I love AIM because it more that just a workout! AIM IS THE TOTAL PACKAGE! The workouts are fun! I have encountered and meet so many great women! Kathy and all of the staff are there to give you an extra push. Kathy gives all kinds of nutrition tips and information to you help lead a healthy lifestyle.


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