Midlothian High Intensity Training

You may not know what Midlothian High Intensity Training is and how it achieves the amazing results it gets. Unlike old methods of exercise, where you did the same calisthenics at a slow pace or ran the same course for an hour, High Intensity Training mixes it up. You go at top speed for a while, then slow your pace during a recovery period. It keeps your heart rate up, but safely, an helps you burn more fat in far less time.

You’ll build lean muscle mass quickly with High Intensity Training.

Many women worry about bulking up, since strength training is part of High Intensity Training. That’s never a problem. In fact, in order to build bulky muscles, you’d have to have a special program with hours of gym time each day or take special supplements to help you do that. Instead, women build sculpted lean muscle mass that gives a shapely outline to their body and burns off fat quickly. In fact, some facilities that use High Intensity Training are designed specifically for women.

You won’t get bored with High Intensity Training.

High Intensity Training isn’t just one group of exercises. In fact, you can do it with almost any type of workout. It’s how you do the workout, not what you do. If you’re running, you can run at top speed for as long as possible, which may be only a minute or two. Then you slow yourself to an equal or longer period of recovery where you move far slower. In the beginning, some people just walk during the recovery time. You do the same cycle of top performance followed by recovery several times. At a facility using this technique, a personal trainer will create a varied program that he or she changes frequently to avoid plateauing and boredom.

There’s a great deal of fun and comradery at these types of places.

You’re never competing against anyone but yourself and you’ll have your own personalized program so you’ll never feel left behind or bored. Every person’s program is designed for their level of fitness, goals and needs and is tough for them to conquer, but still safely within their reach. That creates a great deal of empathy and a common goal for everyone working out. You’ll often hear cheers and words of encouragement for others.

Some facilities include other activities, such as kickboxing. It’s an activity that is perfect for High Intensity Training, since it has intense activity followed by recovery periods.

You’ll reach your goals faster for a number of reasons, but one of them is the help of a personal trainer. Not only does the trainer design an initial program for you, he or she tracks your progress and as you improve, adjusts the program to reflect that improvement.

You’ll feel fantastic after a workout. It burns off the hormones created by stress and stimulates the brain to create ones that make you feel great.

Many of the training facilities also provide nutritional information to help you eat healthier and lose weight faster.

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