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Getting fit is more than just a workout plan and healthy eating, although those are important elements. It’s the mental toughness that it takes to stick to your plan on a daily basis. Midlothian TFW helps build you physically with a program of fitness and nutritional advice, but it also helps build that mental toughness, too. TFW stands for Training for Warriors, the name of the program. It’s descriptive of the changes that occur within you as you release the warrior inside to conquer all challenges.

Build stamina and strength while you shed pounds fast.

This program is easy to follow, since you’ll have a lot of help from trainers. It provides a workout made especially for your needs, goals and fitness level. You’ll never feel bored or left behind, since the only person you’ll be competing against is yourself. That means it will be tough, but always safely doable, even though you may struggle a bit in the process. As your fitness level improves, your trainer will adjust the program to reflect that improvement so you’ll always be rising to a new level.

You’ll build endurance while you build confidence.

Whether you’re shedding pounds, building muscle or want more endurance, you’ll be building confidence in the process. You’ll have a series of goals that change as your fitness level improves and as you tackle and conquer each one, you’ll soon learn that what you once thought was impossible, is very possible with the right training and determination. Each challenge you tackle and overcome builds your overall confidence in more than just fitness. It travels to other areas of your life, giving you the confidence to take charge there, too.

It’s tough, that’s a certainty, but it’s also fun.

The community at TFW makes it fun. There’s a lot of support for others and comradery. Each person is working toward their maximum, and while their goals may be different, everyone is working their hardest. The group knows how tough it can be to conquer and rise above what you once thought was your limitation.The varied workouts keep it interesting, as do the challenges you face and overcome.

The program includes a full body workout that builds your metabolic system to burn fat faster, provides strength training and even has kickboxing for power and energy.

Some locations are especially for women, which can be very beneficial for their training.

Don’t worry about building bulging muscles if you’re a woman. The program develops lean, sinewy strength and streamlines your body.

You’ll get the professional help and support you need from a personal trainer who designs a program specifically for you.

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